The Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT) is an organization created under the Ministry of Higher Education in accordance with the National Higher Education Strategic Plan to transform The Malaysian Higher education system, especially in the area of human capital development.

AKEPT was conceptualized by the Ministry of Higher Education to provide leadership development for top and middle management in Malaysian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

AKEPT aspires to be an international centre of excellence in the development of leadership in higher education in order to enable Malaysian HEIs to achieve world class recognition. AKEPT will constantly strive to provide highly relevant and pragmatic courses leading to a certification programme recognized by the global higher education community. To achieve its objectives, AKEPT invites internationally known speakers to facilitate knowledge-sharing, network-building, and other learning experiences.

To be acknowledged as the global benchmark and referral centre for Higher Education Leadership, Teaching and Learning, and Research and Innovation.

To align with the Ministry’s transformation agenda for higher education to ensure that higher education institution are globally competitive.

To provide the Ministry with adequate and relevant information to aid the formulation of higher education policies dealing with talent management, leadership, governance, and innovation.

To be recognized as the premier referral centre for research & innovation, teaching & learning, and leadership competencies for higher education.

To provide each participant with enriching learning experiences.

To develop effective research on critical issues facing Higher Education.

To develop strategic alliances with leading local and international leadership institutes.

To build the image and brand value of AKEPT.

To support the core values and transformation agenda of the Ministry of Higher Education.


1. To pursue leadership critical agenda in achieving the desired goal of PSPTN

2. To provide relevant and pragmatic training programs, advice and facilitation to higher education institutions

3. To promote and facilitate a culture of research and publication on issues and challenges in higher education

4. To put in place a structured framework and provide advices on succession planning for higher education institutions.

5. To strengthen leadership in learning and teaching in HEIs

6. To inculcate leadership skills among student leaders to become future leaders

7. To widen and encourage international collaboration